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Anita's Essential Oil Bibliography:

Here is a list of the books recommended by Anita on the subject of essential oils, aromatherapy and perfume-making. Books marked (*) were used to compile her web pages on essential oils.
Cunningham, Scott.. Magical Aromatherapy: The Power of Scent. 223 pp. $3.95.Combines knowledge of the physiological and psychological effects of natural fragrances with the ancient art of perfumery.
Davis, Patricia. Aromatherapy; An A-Z. 384 pp. $19.95.This encyclopedia of over 360 entries covers 74 essential oils and 200 conditions. One of the most thoroughly researched books on aromatherapy. 
Davis, Patricia. Subtle Aromatherapy. 246 pp. $15.95. Covers essential oils and their use on a subtle or spiritual level. Topics include vibrational healing, chakra energy, essential oils and crystals, and the use of essential oils in meditation. (*)
Keville, Kathi. Pocket Guide to Aromatherapy. 106 pp. $6.95.Provides a list of the best essential oil for particular conditions, and tips on making formulas.
Lavabre, Marcel. Aromatherapy Workbook. 164 pp. $16.95.Features more than 70 essential oils classified by botanical family, with detailed discussion of specific actions and unique insight into their energetic and spiritual properties. Covers the history, folklore, science, and art of aromatherapy. (*)
Lawless, Julia. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy: A Practical Approach to the Use of Essential Oils for Health & Well-Being. 224 pp. $24.95. This encyclopedia of remedies and techniques covers every application of aromatherapy from cosmetic and clinical aromatherapy to perfumery. With profiles of 70 oils, it contains step-by-step treatment techniques. Discusses aromatherapy for children and pregnant women.
Lawless, Julia. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils; The Complete Guide to the Use of Oils in Aromatherapy and Herbalism. 256 pp. $24.95. An extensive and systematic reference guide containing useful information on over 160 oils. Covers folk traditions, home and commercial uses, safety data, methods of extraction, and exact botanical origin. (*)
Lin, Jami. The Essence of Feng Shui; Balancing Your Body, Home, and Life With Fragrance. 183 pp. $12.95. The author incorporates sacred universal teachings with Kabbalistic, Indian, and Chinese wisdom to explain how essential oils can promote health, wealth, and happiness. Fragrance amplifies the development of chi by linking both body (chakra) and home (bagua) energy centers with the healing and life-enhancing qualities of specific oils.
Miller, Richard Alan & Iona Miller. The Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes. 171 pp. $12.95. Discusses the religious and historical background of plant essences and essential oils as well as their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects. Provides much information on correspondences including astrology, the planets, the Qabala, the tarot, and gods from world cultures. Procedures of perfume blending are included.(*)
Mitchell, Stewart. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Massage. 224 pp. $24.95. A step-by-step approach to the healing art of touch. Massage is one of the most natural ways to de-stress the human body. This is a practical guide covering both eastern and western techniques and methods.
Rose, Jeanne. The Aromatherapy Book; Applications and Inhalations. 393 pp. $18.95. With over 150 essential oils and their uses covered, this book has been described as "The Standard reference workbook." Includes many useful recipes and charts.
Schiller, Carol. 500 Formulas for Aromatherapy: Mixing Essential Oils for Every Use. 128 pp. $12.95. Features recipes for a variety of applications including massage oils, air fresheners, bath oils, skin care products, and more.
Sellar, Wanda. The Directory of Essential Oils. 190 pp. $17.95.Provides a description of the aroma, history, precautions, chemical constituents, and properties of popularly used essential oils. Discusses the effect of essential oils on mind and body. Includes a glossary and blending chart.
Walters, Clare. Aromatherapy; An Illustrated Guide. 144 pp. $19.95. This beautiful and practical book is an ideal introduction to the natural way of restoring balance to mind, body, and spirit. It offers practical information and sound advice for self-help at all levels. Includes a visual profile of 36 essential oils
Watson, Franzesca. Aromatherapy Blends and Remedies: Over 800 Recipes for Everyday Use. 288 pp. $17.00. Offers comprehensive coverage of the 60 most important essential oils used in aromatherapy and recipes for every purpose.
Wildwood, Christine. Aromatherapy Made Easy: Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Using Essential Oils. 160 pp. $8.00. Practical introductory guide that explains essential oils and how they work. Gives techniques for blending the "top 25" oils and their use in relieving common ailments.
Wildwood, Christine. Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy. 320 pp. $24.95. Offers information on massage and other therapeutic uses of aromatherapy. Includes quick reference charts and instructions for making perfumes and beauty-care products.
Worwood, Valerie Ann. The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. 448 pp. $19.95. A practical and easy-to-understand encyclopedic book. Contains every conceivable application for essential oils and aromatherapy used in everyday life. Includes charts of essential oils, over 600 original recipes, and directions for massage.
Worwood, Valerie Ann. Fragrant Mind: Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind Mood, and Emotion. 448 pp. $19.95. Explains how essential oils work to relieve stress, depression and insomnia, and enhance emotional well-being. Matches charactersitics of individual essential oils to personality types. (*)
Worwood, Valerie Ann. Fragrant Heavens: Aromatherapy for the Spirit. 448 pp. $19.95. Explores both the scientific and esoteric evidence of the spiritual dimension of essential oils.(*)

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