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Toad Hollow Herbs A-Ce:

The spiritual and magickal properties of aromatic herbs, resins and oils are described below.  Essential oils are linked to more information on their traditional and subtle properties. Use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

Alkanet Root - Alkanna tinctoria


Planet - Venus  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Purification, prosperity. Lore - Alkanet is a perennial herb with hairy leaves and blue or purple trumpet-shaped flowers. Indigenous to southeast Europe, particularly Hungary, Greece and the Mediterranean region, the part used is the dried root. Alkanet is for uniting the opposites within us. Deeply centering, it serves to prepare us for transformation. Alkanet is burned as an incense to purify an area of negativity. It is used to attract prosperity. Employed in pharmacy, alkanet gives a red color to salves.  
Allspice - Eugenia pimenta  Planet - Venus  Element - Earth  Basic Powers - Aphrodisiac, fertility, healing, love, prosperity, wealth. Scent - Warm, spicy, semi-sweet. Lore - Allspice is the dried full-grown but immature fruit of an evergreen tree with origins in the West Indies and Central America. It is cultivated in Jamaica, Mexico and Honduras. A century ago, Jamaicaís allspice plantations were threatened by the fashion of walking sticks and umbrellas made of allspice shoots. Allspice is burned as an incense to attract money and luck. It is also used to promote healing. Combined with whole cloves and orange peels, it is popular as a mulling spice for wine, or as a simmering potpourri.  
Aloe - Aloe ferox Planet - Moon  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Love, luck, protection, renewal, strength. Scent - Semi-sweet, unearthly. Lore - Aloe is a plant with thick, sword-shaped serrated leaves. The thick liquid inside the leaves dries into resinous gumlike pieces. The Hebrews considered it to be a sacred incense-burning substance. Aloe commonly available today comes from South Africa. When heated, aloe develops a fruity, sweet and heavy fragrance which is relaxing, calming and comforting. Aloe in combination with other incense ingredients provides a warmth to the mixture. In magick, aloe is used for love, reconciliation or agreement in marriage. Aloes has the reputation of bringing love to the lonely. It guards against household accidents, bringing protection, luck and success.
Aloeswood -Aquilaria agallocha Planet - Venus Element - Water Scent - Rich and hypnotic Basic Powers - Love, Spirituality Lore - Aloeswood, also known as agarwood, eaglewood or gaharu, is from a tree indigenous to south and south-east Asia. Patches of the wood contain concentrations of heavily scented oleoresins as a result of fungal or insect attack. The wood has no apparent fragrance until it is burned as incense. The most heavily resin-impregnated wood is used to distill a most rare and costly essential oil called "Oud." Aloeswood is used in religious ceremonies and Chinese medicine. The aroma is warming and centering to the chakras. Use to balance energy and promote deep meditation. Use a mica sheet placed on hot charcoal to gently release and prolong the sacred aroma. Add a small amount of aloeswood to other herbs to strengthen the mixture.  Essential Oil
Ambrette Seed -Abelmoschus moschatus Planet - Venus  Element - Earth Basic Powers - Animals, aphrodisiac, love Scent - Sweet, flowery, heavy, reminiscent of musk Lore - Ambrette is indigenous to India and widely cultivated in tropical countries for its flat, kidney-shaped musk scented seeds called musk seeds or rose mallow seeds. The seeds are also the source of an oil which is valued for its sweet, rich wine or brandy-like floral musky scent. This fine fragrance is one of the most expensive essential oils. Ambrette seeds are used as a substitute for animal-derived musk scents. They are used in Chinese medicine to treat headaches.
Angelica Root - Angelica officinalis Planet - Sun  Element - Fire Basic Powers - Healing, inspiration, knowledge, love, renewal, success, visions, wisdom Scent - Licorice-like Lore - Angelica root is carried as a protective talisman. Under the guard of angels, angelica is a preventative charm against evil. Angelica root gives off a pleasant but strong aroma when added to incense. It has been used in meditation as a visionary herb, stimulating the ability to see lifeís path more clearly and to know what is coming in the future. The North American Blackfoot tribe used angelica for luck, divination, and to harness group energies for ritual work. It is known as Dong Quai in Chinese medicine. Do not handle prior to exposure to strong sunlight.  Essential Oil
Anise, Star - Illicum verum  Planet - Mercury  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Aphrodisiac, consecration, fertility, good luck, love, money, prevent nightmares, psychic protection. Scent - Bittersweet, hint of licorice. Lore - Star anise or "Chinese" anise is sweeter and more fragrant than regular anise. Relaxing in nature, anise helps relieve stress from over-work. In magickal work it is used to cast out possessive spirits. The seeds are burned as incense to bring clairvoyance and are employed as herbal pendulums or strung on a string along with nutmegs and tonka beans to make a fragrant and magickally charged necklace. The Japanese hold this herb as very sacred and use it in their temple incense to drive away negativity and invoke their gods. Astrological Sign - Cancer, Leo Essential Oil
Arjuna - Terminalia arjuna Scent - Gentle, woody, warm Basic Powers - Healing, harmonizing Lore - Used in Tibet in medicinal incense burning recipes, arjuna is believed to heal over 400 illnesses, especially those caused by energy blockages in the body. The arjuna tree is highly esteemed by the Hindus, who call it "Pranada" or life-giver. The powdered bark has a gentle warm fragrance and a harmonizing, cooling influence on the energy centers, particularly the heart chakra. In ayurveda, arjuna is employed to treat vata-type menopause characterized by depression, anxiety and insomnia. Combine with red and yellow sandalwood, spikenard, cardamom, cloves and myrrh for a traditional Tibetan incense blend that is both relaxing and centering to the mind in meditation. 
Aromatic Madder - Elsholtzia splendens Planet - Saturn Element - Earth Scent - Pungent and slightly warm Lore - Aromatic madder is known as Xiang Ru in Chinese medicine, where it is used to strengthen the lung and stomach meridians, enhance mental alertness, and freshen the breath. A recipe called "Sweet Breath Herb Tea" combines aromatic madder, green tea and jasmine flower. When aromatic madder is used in incense, it is similar to oregano and dittany-of-crete, providing a musky, grounding vetiver-like aroma to mixtures.
Ashwaganda Root - Withania somnifera Ashwaganda root is popularly described as a relaxing tonic herb that is particularly useful in promoting restful sleep. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is a key restorative tonic for those suffering from stress or long term illness. It is referred to as "Indian Ginseng" due to its rejuvenating properties. Research notes have not been published on possible side effects or potential health hazards. It has been suggested that Ashwaganda should not be used for long periods of time and is not recommended for pregnant women. 
Balm of Gilead -Populus balsamifera Planet - Jupiter Element - Water Basic Powers - Healing, inspiration, love, manifestation Scent - Bittersweet, resin-like Lore - Balm means "sweet smell." Old world Balm of Gilead or Mecca Balsam was so valued in Arabia that it was grown in guarded gardens and its export was prohibited. Presented as a gift to Solomon, it was cultivated in Judea on Mt. Gilead. Balm of Gilead is most often used as an oil of consecration. To extract the resin, crush the buds, cover with olive oil and allow to sit for two weeks. To prepare a candle to be used in psychic healing, first rinse it in cold water and sea salt, and then anoint it beginning at the center working outward toward both ends. Burn the buds to attract spirits, or carry them to attract a new love.
Balsam Fir (Fir Needle) - Abies balsamea  Planet - Mars Element - Air  Basic Powers - Animals, clairvoyance, healing, money, protection, strength. Scent - Fresh, evergreen, balsamic. Lore - Burned by tradition in the winter months, fir balsam helps purify and cleanse the home. It is used to enhance work with the animal kingdom. The scent is warming and grounding. Aromatic fir is used as incense for meditation and psychic work and is used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety and stress. Add balsam fir to dream pillows for a woodsy feeling. It is perfect for stuffing traditional balsam pillows and sachets. Astrological Sign - Capricorn, Sagittarius Essential Oil 
Basil - Ocimum basilicum   Planet - Mars  Element - Fire Basic Powers - Aphrodisiac, clairvoyance, fertility, fidelity, prosperity, success. Scent - Bittersweet, herby, mild. Lore - Basil soothes a loverís temper because it encourages sympathy between two people. It is added to love incenses and sachets. It was thought that a young man would love the woman from whose hand he accepted a sprig of basil. Carry basil in your pocket to bring wealth. Attract business by placing it in the cash register or on the door sill. Basil given as a gift brings luck to a new home. Place small amounts in each room of the house to bring protection. Astrological Sign - Scorpio, Aries Essential Oil
Bay Laurel - Laurus nobilis)


Planet - Sun Element - Fire Basic Powers - Clairvoyance, harmony, healing, love, psychic powers, purification, strength, tranquility, wisdom Scent - Herby, dreamy, mysterious, hint of mint. Lore - The ancient Greek priestesses of the Oracle of Delphi used bay leaves to achieve a prophetic trance state. Because the ancient Greeks connected fortune telling to dolphins, bay is known as the herb of the dolphins and it  is customary to burn bay incense during fortune-telling ceremonies. Bay leaves are used in dream pillows to encourage inspiration and prophetic dreams. Bay leaves are burned in incense to produce visions and intensify spiritual insight. Mixed with sandalwood, bay leaves can be burned to remove curses. Wishes are written on bay leaves and then burned to make them come true. Bay leaves are worn as an amulet to ward off negativity and evil. A tree planted near the home is thought to protect the inhabitants against sickness and lightning. Bay has a history of use in attracting love. As a flower essence, it releases blocked and suppressed emotions. Essential Oil 
Benzoin - Styrax benzoin  Planet - Sun  Element - Air Basic Powers - Exorcism, harmony, inspiration, peace, protection, purification, spell-breaking, tranquility, wisdom. Scent - Sweet, soft, sensuous, and warm. Lore - Benzoin has been used for thousands of years in the East as a medicine and incense. Ancient Egyptians used it for incense mixtures they considered to be joyful. The nomads of Morocco believe that the fragrance of benzoin found favor with unseen powers, attracting good while keeping evil beings at a distance. In India, benzoin is burned in the temple in front of statues of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Benzoin incense conveys a feeling of inner peace. The fragrance is comforting during periods of sadness. It stimulates imagination and inspiration, and is appropriate when involved in creative work. Adding benzoin to purification incense clears the surrounding area. The effect is relaxing, calming, and expanding. Essential Oil 
Bergamot Mint - Mentha citrata Planet - Mercury  Element - Air Basic Powers - Money, Success Lore - Bergamot mint is also known as "lemon mint," "bee balm," or "osewgo tea." A perennial aromatic herb of eastern North America, the leaves have a pungent lemony scent which is reminiscent of bergamot essential oil extracted from Citrus aurantium. Add bergamot mint to potpourri mixtures. Carry bergamot in your wallet to attract money, or rub leaves onto bills before spending to ensure their return. As a flower remedy, bergamot mint is used when spiritual progress is blocked by poor health or for those who have trouble saying "no."
Black Currant (Cassis) - Ribes nigrum Basic powers - Clairvoyance, healing, spirituality. Lore - Currant is a shrub with green-yellow flowers and black berries. Cassis liqueur, first produced by French monks in the 16th century, was used as a cure for snakebite and wretchedness. Black currant provides assistance in fearful situations, especially in facing the self as being truly alone. Considered to be one of the angelic fragrances, it helps learning to forgive and to be less judgmental. Black currant is often recommended to those on a spiritual quest. Use black currant for opening of the third eye to see the future for others as well as yourself. Healing by remote means can be facilitated with the use of black currant.
Boldo Leaf - Peumus boldus Basic Powers - Harmony, spirituality. Scent - Aromatic, hint of mint. Lore - Boldo is a small evergreen tree that grows in the Andes Mountains of Chile. Considered to be a very important healing remedy by the ancients who burned boldo leaves mixed with copal resin for respiratory illness and nervous insomnia. The fragrance of the aromatic boldo leaves are similar to mint and laurel. The smoke is calming, spiritually cleansing and harmonizing.
Calamus Root -Acorus calamus  Planet - Venus  Element - Earth  Basic Powers - Aphrodisiac, harmony, love, peace, strengthen and bind spells, tranquility. Scent - Mysterious, spicy, warm. Lore - Calamus or sweet flag root may be powdered and used in healing incenses and sachets. Helpful in times of emotional exhaustion, burning calamus incense strengthens self-confidence and promotes success. The fragrance is a guide to the center of personal power. Keep small pieces of the root in kitchen corners to protect against poverty and hunger. Growing the plant brings good luck to the gardener. Calamus seeds are strung as beads and worn for healing. Calamus is poisonous. Use with caution and do not ingest.
Camphor -Cinnamomum camphora  Planet - Moon  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Chastity, divination, health, psychic growth and development, release. Scent - Cool, strong, penetrating. Lore - Camphor is highly toxic if ingested and must be handled and stored carefully. In magickal work, camphor is used in divinatory incenses. When used in incense for evening meditation, it will produce dreams of prophecy. Camphor is also used to purify homes and temples of negative energies. A bag containing the bark of the camphor tree hung around the neck is thought to prevent colds and flu. Essential Oil 
Caraway Seed - Carum cavi Planet - Mercury Element - Air Basic Powers - Aphrodisiac, fidelity, honesty, keep secrets, memory, prevent theft, protection Scent - Nutty, bitter-sweet Lore - Caraway serves to protect against negativity. Objects containing caraway seeds are thought to be theft-proof. To attract a mate, place caraway into a sachet. The seeds encourage fidelity. 
Cardamom Seed - Elettaria cardamomum Planet - Venus  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Generosity, love, lust, wisdom Scent - Captivating Lore - Cardamom is a native of Southern India. The seeds have a powerful aromatic odor and are added to love sachets and incenses. Spiritually, cardamom gives us wisdom when we are overburdened with responsibilities. It encourages generosity in our dealings with others. Essential Oil
Catnip - Nepeta cataria Planet - Venus  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Animals, dreams, harmony, love, peace, sleep, tranquility. Scent - Grassy with a hint of minty tartness. Lore - Catnip creates a psychic bond between you and your cat. Grow catnip near the home or hang over the door to attract good spirits and fortune. Mix with rose petals for a love sachet. It is said that if you hold catnip in your hand until it is warm before holding a personís hand, they will be your friend for forever if you keep the catnip in a safe place. Catnip is used as a tea to calm a troubled person and also induces pleasant dreams. Essential Oil
Cedar - Juniperus virginiana; Thuja plicata Planet - Jupiter  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Clairvoyance, consecration, divination, gain, longevity, material objects, prosperity, strength, wealth. Scent - Woody, evergreen, robust. Lore - One of the most majestic of trees, the cedar expresses a great spiritual strength. The Egyptians used its wood to build the doors of their temples, where the fragrance would stimulate the psychic centers of the worshipers. Cedar is used in incense burning in the form of wood shavings, resins, and the dried tips from branches. Cedar smoke is believed to prevent bad dreams. Used by Native Americans for purification, cedar is placed on hot stones during sweat lodge ceremonies. Smudge with cedar to clear the presence of undesirable energy. Cedar hung in the home protects it against lightning strikes. Avoid Thuja plicata during pregnancy. Mineral association - Amethyst and Sapphire Essential Oil

DISCLAIMER: This table is for information purposes only. Consult with a health care professional before using any herbs, especially during pregnancy.

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