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Anita's Herb Bibliography:

Here is a list of the books recommended by Anita on the subject of herbs, incense making, and the spirituality of trees and plants. Books marked  [*] were used as reference material for writing her web pages on herbs.

Aloysius, Brother. A Healer's Herbal: Recipes for Medicinal Herbs & Weeds. 434 pp. $19.95. A treasure of folklore, historical remedies, and botanical information originally published in Europe in 1901.
Atwood, Mary Dean. Spirit Herbs: Native American Healing. 160 pp. 13.95. Healing is a spiritual act for Native Americans who see the body, mind, and soul of a person as one. This book describes individual herbs and their use in in power rituals, visioning, smudging, emotional healing, diet improvement and body cleansing. Teaches traditions and techniques to heal the total person and to maintain well-being.
Berger, Judith. Herbal Rituals. (Hardcover) 284 pp. $22.95. Each monthly chapter discusses one herb in detail and presents recipes and rituals appropriate to the season to bring both body and soul back to a natural cadence in harmony with the earth.
Beyerl, Paul. A Compendium of Herbal Magic. 528 pp. $21.95. A comprehensive book on the magical and religious uses of 330 herbs taken from the folklore of cultures around the world.
Beyerl, Paul. The Master Book of Herbalism. 424 pp. $14.95. Includes information on the medicinal use of herbs, history and religious lore, the relationships of herbs to gemstones, and instructions on herb gathering and storage. [*]
Chase, Pamela Louise. Trees for Healing: Harmonizing With Nature for Personal Growth and Planetary Balance. 257 pp. $12.95. Identifies and catalogs the spiritual and healing qualities of trees. Contains over 65 entries on different tree species from various regions in the United States. Exercises and meditations show how to communicate with the tree Devas for healing and spiritual guidance.
Cunningham, Scott. Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews. 269 pp. $12.95. For centuries, incense, oils, and herbs have been used to create positive changes in people's lives. This book provides a large number and wide variety of recipes for incense and oils. 
Cunningham, Scott. Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. 320 pp. $14.95. Contains over 400 entries illustrated with a drawing of the herb. Includes an annotated bibliography on mythology, folklore, ethnobotany, and magic. [*]
Fischer-Rizzi, Suzanne. The Complete Incense Book. 224 pp. 19.95. The original ritual purpose of incense burning was to unlock the ancient wisdom of the connection between man and plant. This beautifully illustrated book covers incense plants by geographic region and provides instructions for preparing incense. This is the best book we've read on the subject and we recommend it highly. [*]
Fischer-Rizzi, Suzanne. Medicine of the Earth: Legends, Recipes, Remedies and Cultivation of Healing Plants. 320 pp. $17.95.Presents mythological and historical lore of thirty-three common herbal plants. Includes instructions for propagating and harvesting, medicinal recipes, cosmetic applications and culinary uses.
Foster, Steven A.  A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants: Eastern & Central North America. 366 pp. $16.95. This comprehensive, pocket-sized guide illustrates 500 medicinal plants and describes all the known uses. As part of the Peterson Field Guide Series, the book facilitates quick and accurate field identification.
Gurudas. Spiritual Properties of Herbs. 278 pp. $14.95. This trance channeled material provides a detailed description of the spiritual effects of herbs. Over 100 Western and Chinese herbs are presented. [*]
Hoffman, David. The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal: A Safe and Practical Guide to Making and Using Herbal Remedies. 256 pp. $18.95. An A-Z compendium of more than 200 herbs with over 600 photos and illustrations. Provides indexes of both English and Latin herb names, and instructions for treating specific illnesses.
Lebot, Vincent. Kava: The Pacific Elixir. 255 pp. $19.95. This comprehensive study summarizes the literature and research on kava, a plant that is now considered comparable or superior to anti-stress prescription drugs.
McIntyre, Anne. Flower Power: Flower Remedies for Healing Body and Soul Through Herbalism, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, and Flower Essences. 287 pp. $22.50. Profiles the restorative and theraputic qualities of 100 flowers arranged by botanical name. Discusses the herbal traditions of China, India and the Native American Indians. Covers different types of flower essences and their use for physical and emotional ailments. Extremely well illustrated with color photographs and drawings. [*]
Moinduddin, abu-Abdullah Ghulam. The Book of Sufi Healing. 189 pp. $16.95. Presenting principles and practices based on the 800-year tradition of the Chishti Order, the author covers the preparation of herbal formulas, healing with essential oils, the soul's evolution, talismans and many other topics central to the doctrine of Sufi healing.
Morita, Kiyoko. The Book of Incense: Enjoying the Traditional Art of Japanese Scents. (Hardcover) 134 pp. $15.00. Introduces the centuries-old tradition of Koh-do, the Way of Incense, a refined, highly nuanced art form intimately related to classical Japanese poetry and prose, and dedicated to an enhanced appreciation of the senses.
Phillips, Roger & Martyn Rix. The Random House Book of Scented Plants. 96 pp. $10.00. Well illustrated with color photographs, this guide to scented flowering plants is arranged by chronological flowering order with plants conveniently grouped in families. [*]
St. Claire, Debra. Pocket Herbal Reference Guide. 144 pp. $6.95. Describes various forms and uses of herbal preparations. Includes the therapeutic use of over 140 medicinal plants and remedies for over 100 health problems.
Sheen, Joanna. Pot Pourri; Creating long-lasting natural fragrances for the home. (Hardcover) 128 pp. $24.95. A guide to the enjoyment of natural plants and flowers in potpourri, sachets, scented pillows and other gift items. Explains methods of drying plant materials and the use of essential oils and fixatives.
Silver Wolf Walks Alone. Sacred Sage: How it Heals. 29 pp. $4.00.The smudging ceremony has been a sacred ritual for Native American and for many other tribal peoples for thousands of years. This book describes the smudging of sage, its ceremonial gathering, and its medicinal uses.
 Walji, Hasnain. Kava; Nature's Relaxant for Anxiety, Stress, and Pain. 114 pp. $9.95. Explains how kava is used for stress-related disorders, sleep, and pain relief. Presents historical use and scientific evidence.
Watt, Martin. Frankincense and Myrrh. 128 pp. 15.95. Frankincense and myrrh have been valued throughout history. This is a complete guide to their use in herbalism and aromatherapy.
Wylundt. Wylundt's Book of Incense; A Magical Primer. 312 pp. $14.95. A complete how-to book for making incense. Discusses various types of incense and includes recipes for herbal incense, planetary incense, and much more. [*]

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