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Toad Hollow Herbs H-L:

The spiritual and magickal properties of aromatic herbs, resins and oils are described below.  Essential oils are linked to more information on their traditional and subtle properties. Use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

Heather - Calluna vulgaris



Planet - Venus  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Luck, protection, rain-making. Scent - Bittersweet, herby, dry. Lore - Heather is known as an herb of immortality, long physical life, and beauty. It is carried as a guard against rape and other violent crimes, and to bring good luck. Heather is burned outside with fern to attract rain. It has been used to conjure spirits. Heather is employed as a flower remedy for fear of darkness and empty spaces. It supports acceptance of all aspects of the self and helps find the strength to be alone. Heather may also help those who feel the need to isolate or withdraw, making barriers between themselves and others because they have been hurt. Mineral association - Citrine and Carnelian
Heliotrope - Heliotropium grandiflorum


Planet - Sun  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Healing, invisibility, prophetic dreams, wealth. Scent - Distinctive vanilla/almond aroma. Lore - Heliotrope is a member of the borage family. Use as an aid in psychic communication. The scent supports peace, prayer, meditation and spiritual development. To attract wealth, anoint green candles with the oil before lighting.
Hibiscus -Hibiscus sabdariffa  Planet - Venus Element - Water Basic Powers - Divination, love Lore - An aphrodisiac, hibiscus flowers are used in love incenses and sachets. In the western Pacific, sorcerers use hibiscus flowers placed in a wooden bowl of water as a method of divination. As a flower essence, hibiscus helps women to feel comfortable with their sexuality and to express warmth and love.
Hops - Humulus lupulus


Planet - Mars  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Healing, sleep. Lore - A pillow stuffed with dried hops induces relaxation and peacefulness, bringing on sleep and rest. Hops are used in healing incenses and sachets, and as a relaxant in psychic work. Hop is a trailing plant that winds around tree trunks and clings to them with tiny barbs. The Romans, believing that a hop plant sucked the life out of the trees it climbed on, called it "little wolf" which is the meaning of the word lupulus in the plant’s species name. Astrological Sign - Aries  Essential Oil 
Hyssop - Hyssopus officinalis


Planet - Jupiter  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Consecration, contact other planes, money, prosperity, protection, purification. Scent - Subtle, bitter. Lore - Hyssop is an ingredient in protection incenses, and was used by the ancient Greeks for cleaning sacred spaces. The Hebrews considered hyssop to be a sacred plant of mystery. Mentioned in the Bible eleven times, its warm fragrance has strong purifying properties. Hyssop is a popular purification herb. It is added to baths, hung in the home to purge it of negativity, and sprinkled on objects to cleanse them. Hyssop grows wild on the island of Crete. It can easily be cultivated in the home garden. Mix with frankincense and mastic for an incense mixture enjoyed since the ancient Minoan kingdom. Spiritually, hyssop stimulates a greater connection to people, with an increased sense of harmony and oneness if shared within a group. Astrological Sign - Aquarius  Essential Oil 
Indian Olibanum - Boswellia serrata


Planet - Sun  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Consecration, contact other planes, divination, inspiration, meditation, transformation, wisdom. Scent - Strong, heady, pure. Lore - Boswellia serrata, the source of Indian olibanum, is a shrub occurring in the drier parts of northern India. Indian olibanum, also known as ‘Salai Gum,’ is a golden-yellow resin that burns with an odor similar to frankincense, though slightly more pine-like. The fragrance of olibanum assists the human spirit to communicate with energies on a higher plane, thus its use during prayer, meditation and reflection. It is also a remedy for stress, providing a sense of comfort and warmth. Burn to cleanse the atmosphere after an argument, or before moving into a new house. Cleanse healing stones and crystals of negative energy in the smoke of olibanum.
Jasmine - Jasminum grandiflorum; J. sambac


Planet - Moon  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Happiness, love, meditation, money, prophetic dreams. Scent: Rich, warm, penetrating and tenacious. Lore - Jasmine is a powerful aphrodisiac and a potent aid to spiritual development. Jasmine helps understanding that there is no division between physical and Divine love. Use jasmine to attract angelic beings and develop the artistic senses. The scent of jasmine inspires harmony, awareness, inspiration and joy. Native to Persia and Kashmir, jasmine was a sacred flower in ancient Persia. In China, jasmine flowers were strewn on New Year’s Day. Mineral association - Sapphire  Essential Oil 
Job’s Tears - Coix lachryma


Basic Powers - Healing, luck, wishes. Lore - Three job’s tears should be carried for good luck. For wishing magick, make a wish while holding seven seeds, then throw them into running water. Another method dictates counting out seven seeds while concentrating on your wish. Carry the seeds for a week, and your wish should come true. Necklaces are traditionally fashioned from job’s tears and worn for sore throats and colds. The seeds are thought to absorb the illness.
Juniper - Juniperus monosperma


Planet - Sun  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Anti-theft, health, love, protection, psychic powers. Scent - Sweet, herby. Lore - Juniper is one of the plants most often used for incense by Native Americans. It is used frequently to welcome guests and to cleanse horses. Juniper creates a sweet, warm fragrance that is strengthening and healing. The smoke is suited to accompany prayer and sacred song. It is believed that the dignified fragrance of juniper carries all things to the Creator, clarifying the mind, and expanding internal space. Juniper is an excellent herb to use in rituals for good health. It is used throughout Europe as a protective herb and is thought to guard against theft and accidents. Juniper strengthens the third chakra and helps restore confidence. Astrological Sign: Aries  Essential Oil 
Kava Kava - Piper methysticum  Planet - Saturn  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Luck, protection, visions. Scent - Spicy, peppery, fiery. Lore - Kava kava has a history of religious and ceremonial use in Hawaii and Polynesia where it is used as a sacrament for welcoming guests and friends. Kava kava is used to enhance psychic powers and induce visions. Preparations of the dried rhizome are used to reduce nervous anxiety and stress.
Labdanum -Cistus ladaniferus Planet - Sun Element - Fire Basic Powers - Creativity, inspiration, positive self-image. Scent - Warm, pungent, rich, balsamic Lore - Labdanum resin is derived from the "Rock Rose" that grows in Spain, Morocco and the Isle of Crete. Once collected from the coats of sheep and goats that grazed among the bushes, the resin is now harvested with leather rakes. Sometimes called "onycha" or the "Incense of the Black Sun," it has been burned in temples since before the days of Moses. Ancient Egyptians made incense pellets from a blend of this waxy gum, fragrant wood shavings, and herbs. The warm fragrance of labdanum creates inner warmth and sensuality, strengthening the awareness of the body. Use in meditation to stimulate the higher chakras. Essential Oil
Lady's Bed Straw - Galium aparine Lore - The common English name of the plant, Our Lady’s Bedstraw, is derived from its use on former days, even by ladies of rank, for stuffing beds. It was the hay in the manger at Bethlehem. Lady’s bedstraw was also used to curdle milk and color cheese. Formerly highly esteemed as a remedy for hysteria, Gerard mentions its use in an pigment prepared for anointing weary travelers. The hay-like aroma of the dried leaves and stems make lady’s bedstraw a favorite ingredient for dream pillows.
Lavender - Lavendula officinalis  Planet - Mercury  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Clairvoyance, divination, gentleness, harmony, love, memory, peace of mind, tranquility. Scent - Bittersweet, flowery. Lore - Lavender is used as a Religious Herb in the celebration of the beginning of summer. It can bring a sense of stability to life. The flowers are scattered about the home to maintain tranquility. Lavender calms headaches caused by stress and fatigue, bringing inner peace. The odor of lavender is conducive to long life, and a greater acceptance and understanding of old age. Lavender attracts energy of a high vibration and is useful in mediation where increased awareness is sought. It energizes and harmonizes the root, heart, and crown chakras. Burning the flowers induces sleep. Crystals may be cleansed by soaking in lavender oil and water. Astrological Sign - Gemini and Virgo.  Essential Oil 
Lemon - Citrus limon  Planet - Moon Element - Water Basic Powers - Friendship, longevity, love, purification Lore - Lemon is used to purify amulets, jewelry, and other magickal or ritual objects, especially those which have been obtained second-hand. Add the dried peel of lemon to love sachets and potpourris. Lemon stimulates and lightens the intellect while it stills emotional interference. Essential Oil
Lemon Balm - Melissa officinalis Planet - Jupiter  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Brightens disposition, compassion, gentleness, happiness, longevity, love. Scent - Tart, bitter, green, intense. Lore - In aromatherapy, lemon balm is used to relieve depression, anxiety, insomnia and nervous tension. A mixture of lemon balm and lavender in equal parts is useful to relieve headache and stress. This herb combines well with roses, lavender, thyme, hops and spearmint for aromatic dream pillows. Lemon balm is useful for past-life regression and to remember and understand lessons from the past. Balancing karma, it also supports fulfillment in the current life. Lemon balm may be of benefit in meditation, especially in groups where energy is aligned to a common spiritual purpose. Astrological Sign - Cancer
Lemon Verbena - Aloysia triphylla Planet - Mars  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Dreams, happiness, harmony, love, prevent nightmares, psychic protection, rest, sleep, tranquility. Scent - Grassy, hint of citrus Lore - Lemon verbena is used in love spells and mixtures to help make a person attractive to the opposite sex. Add lemon verbena to other magickal herbs to increase their strength. Lemon verbena makes an aromatic addition to potpourri mixes and dream pillows. 
Lemongrass - Cymbopogon citratus Planet - Mercury  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Clairvoyance, divination, honesty, psychic powers, repel snakes. Scent - Dry, grassy, hint of lemon. Lore - Planted around the home, lemongrass will repel snakes. It is used in infusions to aid in the development of psychic powers. As a flower remedy, lemongrass is said to aid those experiencing parental rejection and those drawn to painful relationships. Lemongrass is a perennial herb that is native to tropical Asia and is used to promote self-nurturing. Lemongrass makes a nice addition to potpourri and dream pillow mixtures. The essential oil is useful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration. Lemongrass is used to make a popular uplifting tea in the Caribbean.  Essential Oil
Lilac - Syringa vulgaris Planet - Venus, Mercury  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Clairvoyance, gentleness, harmony, protection, recall past lives, tranquility. Scent - Gentle, sweet and magical. Lore - Also known as syringa, lilac is a member of the olive family and is native to Europe. In New England, lilacs were originally planted to ward off evil influences. The scent of lilac brings peace and harmony into everyday life. Synthetics are commonly used to achieve a lilac scent due to the scarcity of natural oil that can be extracted. Lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire. Lilac flower essence is healing to those whose personal development has been stunted, often by a domineering parent.
Lily-of-the-Valley - Convallaria majalis  Planet - Mercury, Saturn  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Gentleness, happiness, modesty, protection. Scent - Sweet floral. Lore - The fragrance of lily-of-the-valley, or muguet, is a familiar favorite. The flowers cheer the heart and lift the spirits. The scent will improve memory. Use for a restful sleep and to ease heartache. Lily-of-the-valley calms the nerves and promotes spiritual peace. In the Victorian language of flowers, lily-of-the-valley means purity.
Lotus Blossom - Nymphaea lotus Planet - Moon  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Blessings, luck, protection. Scent - Rich floral. Lore - The lotus or water lily is a significant symbol in Egypt, India and the Far East. It is an ancient light symbol, closing its blossom and retiring into the water at sunset, then opening again at dawn. The eight-petaled lotus represents cosmic unity; the thousand-petaled lotus symbolizes the totality of all revelations. Anyone who breathes the scent of the lotus will receive its protection. Lotus is used for healing and fertility. It’s fragrance attracts good fortune and love and promotes long life. Dress a candle with lotus oil and burn to kindle harmony while opening the crown chakra to high spiritual energies. Mineral association - Amber and aquamarine.

DISCLAIMER: This table is for information purposes only. Consult with a health care professional before using any herbs, especially during pregnancy.

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