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Anita's Herbal Incense:

Herbal incense powders are designed to burn on charcoal. Please note: We are no longer selling oils and incense through this site, but please continue to enjoy our information pages.

Blue Dragonfly on a Lotus Leaf Incense A blend of sandalwood, myrrh, clove, lavender and cinnamon from an old Japanese recipe documented by Fisher-Ricci. Burn on charcoal to release an exquisite aroma that touches the heart. Use to accompany creative work, during massage, or for emotional regeneration. 
Crystal Clearing Incense  This blend of frankincense, copal, yellow sandalwood and rosemary has been charged with an enclosed quartz crystal. Burn on charcoal to cleanse and purify the energy of your healing crystals, stones and jewelry by passing them through the smoke.
Isle of Crete Incense  Isle of Crete contains the flowering tops of Dittany of Crete herb blended with gum mastic, lavender flowers, coriander seed and garden sage. We recommend the use of a thin mica plate placed over your charcoal to gently release the rich aroma of this blend.
Shakti Incense  A blend of sandalwood, myrrh, clove, dragon's blood and costus root for rejuvenation, assertiveness and vitality. Burn on charcoal while visualizing your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental energies growing stronger. 
Spirit Shaman Incense  Spirit Shaman contains uva ursi, spearmint, mullein, passionflower, catnip, skullcap, white sage, desert magic sage, chamomile flower and damiana. Burn this herbal incense on charcoal to accompany healing ceremonies and medicine rituals.
Study Incense  Formulated after the classic recipe by Scott Cunningham; contains rosemary, mace and cinnamon. Burn a small amount at a time on charcoal to increase your powers of concentration. 

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