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Toad Hollow Herbs M-O:

The spiritual and magickal properties of aromatic herbs, resins and oils are described below.  Essential oils are linked to more information on their traditional and subtle properties. Use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

Mace - Myristica fragrans


Planet - Mercury  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Gain, good luck, protection. Scent - Nutty, similar to nutmeg. Lore - Mace is an ingredient of powdered incense used for creative work, money and business. Mace is derived from the crimson-colored aril or outer covering of the nutmeg. Nutmeg was highly praised in the writings of Hildegard von Bingen. Belief was that whoever received a nutmeg on New Year’s Day and carried it in their pocket could fall without breaking the smallest bone during the coming year. It has been said that carrying mace improves the intellect. Astrological Sign - Sagittarius  
Marigold - Calendula officinales


Planet - Sun  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Brighten disposition, clairvoyance, divination, dreams, good luck, happiness, memory, protection, renewal, sleep, success. Scent - Grassy, strong, bitter. Lore - Marigolds are a familiar annual with golden colored flowers. In the lore of Mexico it is said that they have their origin in the blood of the natives slain by the invading Spaniards. Known as a love charm in garden magic, marigold should be gathered at noon for love sachets. Widely used in dream pillows, marigold flowers placed beneath the head at night may induce clairvoyant dreams. Marigolds are found in recipes for love divination and it is also said that they give off bright sparks of light during a thunderstorm. Astrological Sign - Leo
Marjoram - Origanum majorana


Planet - Venus  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Happiness, harmony, love, peace, tranquility, weddings. Scent - Bittersweet, herby. Lore - The scent of marjoram tranquilizes and brings peaceful sleep. It is a popular inclusion in dream pillows. Known as a symbol of happiness, marjoram is given to a grieving person to draw happiness into their life. An infusion of marjoram, rosemary and mint can be used to cleanse physical objects. A bit of the herb placed in every room of the house is said to provide protection which can be sustained by changing it every month. Add to love charms and incenses, marjoram may also improve concentration and memory. Folk names are Joy of the Mountains, Wintersweet and Mountain Mint. Astrological Sign - Aries, Capricorn  Essential Oil 
Meadowsweet - Filipendula ulmaria Planet - Jupiter  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Peace, love Lore - Held sacred by the Druids, meadowsweet is one of the fragrant herbs used to strew the floors of chambers. Meadowsweet’s creamy-white flowers have a strong, sweet smell, while its leaves possess an almond-like fragrance. Also known as "Queen of the Meadow," its gentle vibration establishes peace and gladdens the heart. Use in dream pillows to encourage a state of receptivity. Meadowsweet soothes headaches and induces restful sleep. The flower essence is for people who feel tense and anxious, with tightness in the head and neck muscles. Meadowsweet is associated with Beltane. 
Mimosa - Acacia decurrens


Planet - Saturn  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Love, protection, prophetic dreams, purification. Scent - Fragrant and sweet floral with a woody undertone. Lore - With its warm, sweet honey fragrance that soothes worries, fears and sensitivity, mimosa is a gentle nurturer used in healing for its calming vibrations. Mimosa has been recommended for channeling. It can be used to free the soul of the physical body and reach the angelic realms of dream states. Unlocking the subconscious mind, it enhances psychic awareness during dreams and visualizations. Mimosa is an excellent fixative when mixed with other aromatic substances. It adds a radiance to other scents in the mixture, creating depth and complexity. Mimosa wax can be used in solid perfumes. Extremely hard, it takes longer to melt than beeswax.
Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris


Planet - Venus  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Aphrodisiac, consecration, divination, dreams, healing, longevity, prevent theft, protection, sleep, strength. Scent - Bitter, tart, hint of sage. Lore - Named after the goddess Artemis, the protectress of virgins, mugwort has an ancient reputation as a specific for female cycles. Mugwort as a magical plant is known to increase psychic powers. Sleeping with mugwort beneath the head may bring dreams of the future and of inner enlightenment. Mugwort protects from all forms of evil. In China it is hung over doors to keep out harmful spirits. It is tossed into the fireplace to keep a house safe from lightning. Mugwort oil is used in the consecration of crystal balls and items of silver. Mineral association - Moonstone and Pearl
Mullein - Verbascum thapus


Planet - Saturn  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Courage, health, love divination, protection. Lore - Mullein is an herb of protection and the presence of this tall, stout biennial is thought to bless the garden. Monasteries often grew mullein to protect them against manifestations of the devil. In India it was highly regarded as a safeguard against negativity, evil spirits and magic. Ulysses used the mullein plant to protect himself against the wiles of Circe. Known as "Candlewick Plant," its large dried flower stalks have been soaked in vegetable oil or tallow and used as torches on Hallow’s Eve. Mullein is carried to instill courage, and wearing it while hiking in untamed areas is thought to provide protection from wild animals. Employed in rituals for women, mullein is also used in dream pillows to prevent nightmares. As a flower remedy, mullein can help listen to inner voice and conscience.
Musk - [none]


Planet - Venus  Element - Earth  Basic Powers - Aphrodisiac, confidence, courage, good luck, strenght, success. Scent - Sweet, smooth, mildly animal, persistant. Lore - Obtained from a sack in the abdomen of the male musk deer, this penetrating aromatic is one of the costliest oils used in perfumery. Musk is an excellent fixative. Today, most musk is reproduced synthetically. Musk stimulates self-confidence, self-reliance, determination and will.
Myrrh - Commiphora myrrha


Planet - Sun  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - To brighten disposition, consecration, protection, release, success, transformation. Scent -Resinous, etherial. Lore - In Egyptian mythology, the tears of Horus, the falcon god, created myrrh. They called myrrh "bal" which means "driving out insanity." Myrrh was a symbol of the cradle of the earth and feminine sensuality in many ancient cultures. The Vedas, the Bible, and the Koran mention the numerous uses of myrrh in ceremonies, perfumery, and medicine. Myrrh incense is used to consecrate and bless objects such as rings, amulets, charms, and talismans. It purifies, lifts vibrations, creates peace, and aids meditation and contemplation. Myrrh is appropriate to burn when attempting to understand personal sorrow. It energizes the crown chakra. Mineral association - Pearl  Essential Oil 
Nigella Seed - Nigella sativa Basic powers: Blessing, health. Lore: Nigella seed or black cumin bears no relation to the common kitchen herb, cumin. Nigella is indigenous to the Mediterranean region. In English, it is commonly referred to as "Love in a Mist;" in Persia it is known as "Shonaiz." Nigella seeds were discovered in Tutankhamen’s tomb. The earliest written reference is found in the book of Isaiah, and early medical texts site its use to stimulate the body’s energy and help recovery from dispiritedness. In ancient Arabic it has been called "habbatul barakah" meaning "the seed of blessing." With an exalted position of use throughout the Middle East, it is said, according to an Arab proverb, that "in the black seed is the medicine for every disease except death."
Nutmeg - Myristica fragrans Planet - Jupiter  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Clairvoyance, fidelity, health, luck, money. Scent - Bittersweet, earthy and full. Lore - Nutmegs have been carried as good luck charms and to ward off rheumatism. For a potent herbal necklace, they are sometimes strung with star anise and tonka beans. Sprinkle ground nutmeg on a green candle to attract money and prosperity or burn in incense mixtures to increase clairvoyance. Nutmegs have a strong, peculiar and delightful fragrance which invigorate and activate the mind, encouraging dreams and visions. The essential oil encourages unity and peace. Nutmeg should be used in moderation. Essential Oil
Opoponax - Commiphora holtziana Planet - Sun  Element - Fire Basic Powers - Healing, protection, spirituality. Scent - Aromatic, like cork from red wine bottle. Lore - Opoponax, also called sweet or bisabol myrrh is a close relative of myrrh. Various cultures have used opoponax in incense burning against negative influences, using its fragrance to protect against disasters. It is also used to support intuition, strengthen the senses, and increase awareness. Use in conjunction with exercises to balance the aura. C. holtziana is from Kenya.
Orange - Citrus aurantium Planet - Sun Element - Fire Basic Powers - Beauty, fertility, good luck, happiness, love, money, prosperity, weddings Lore - The folk name for orange is "love fruit." Add the dried peel to love sachets and prosperity incenses. The Chinese have long considered oranges symbols of luck and good fortune.  Essential Oil 
Oregano - Origanum vulgare Lore - Oregano, or wild marjoram, is a perennial herb with a very ancient medical reputation. The name was derived from two Greek words, oros (mountain) and ganos (joy). Oregano was used by the ancient Greeks as a remedy for narcotic poisons. Young couples were crowned with wild marjoram wreaths. If it grew on a grave, oregano augured the happiness of the departed. Oregano is used to relieve nervous headaches.
Orris Root- Iris x germanica Planet - Venus  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Divination, love, protection .Scent - Semi-sweet, woody .Lore - Orris root is used to find and hold love. Orris root powder is referred to as "Love Drawing Powder." Orris is used in Japan to protect against evil spirits, and a whole root can be suspended from a cord and used as a pendulum. Orris root has also been traditionally used to still gossip. Use with caution as the powder has been known to cause allergic skin reactions.
Osmanthus - Osmanthus fragrans Basic Powers - Calming, happiness. Scent - fruity floral. Lore - Osmanthus flowers grow on an evergreen tree native to Japan and China. Its fragrance been described as a jasmine-like underlined with plum and raisin notes; some may detect the scent of apricots. Also called "kwei hwa" or "tea olive," osmanthus is valued as an additive for tea and other beverages in the far east. The absolute prepared from the gold-orange flowers is very costly and used in only the most expensive perfumes. A wonderful stress reducer, Osmanthus is like a ray of sunlight, lightening the heart and the spirit.

DISCLAIMER: This table is for information purposes only. Consult with a health care professional before using any herbs, especially during pregnancy.

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