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Toad Hollow Herbs Sk-Z:

The spiritual and magickal properties of aromatic herbs, resins and oils are described below.  Essential oils are linked to more information on their traditional and subtle properties. Use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

Skullcap - Scutellaria lateriflora


Planet - Saturn  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Fidelity, love, peace. Lore - Skullcap is used in magic for spells of peace and relaxation. Women wear skullcap to protect their husbands from the charms of other women. Skullcap is used in the binding of a handfasting for a couple willing to pledge their commitment for the rest of this life, or for a relationship that will extend beyond this life. Skullcap herb is used for nervous headaches, neuralgia, and inducing sleep. As a flower remedy skullcap, recommended for those who are frazzled, disconnected and preoccupied, allows contemplation and being present in the moment. It helps to dissolve old thought-patterns, clears the effects of toxins and eases withdrawal from addiction to drugs including caffeine.  
Spearmint - Mentha spicata


Planet - Venus  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Animals, aphrodisiac, dreams, endings, happiness, love, prosperity, renewal, rest, sleep, transformation. Scent - Fresh, cool, minty. Lore - Spearmint makes a good addition to love mixtures and sachets. It has many applications as a healing herb. Its scent increases and sharpens mental powers. Pillows stuffed with spearmint are believed to provide protection during sleep. Spearmint used in amulets carries the qualities of success and protection, and is believed to add clarity, vividness and color to dreams. Astrological Sign - Leo, Gemini   Essential Oil 
Spikenard - Nardostachys jatmansi


Planet - Saturn  Element - Earth  Basic Powers - Animals, love, money, psychic protection. Scent - Earthy, musky. Lore - Spikenard rhizome, with its musky, earthy odor, scented the precious ointment offered to Jesus. Since ancient times, spikenard has been used as a sedative for treatment of the nervous system. It is balancing and deeply calming, lessening feelings of fear, restlessness, and nervousness. Its grounding effect when burned in incense mixtures helps to alleviate mental exertion. In magic it is called the ‘herb of the student.’ Spikenard increases mental clarity, helping to more quickly learn from experiences and to remember details when studying.  Essential Oil 
Spikenard, American - Aralia racemosa Planet - Saturn Element - Earth Basic Powers - Animals, love, money, psychic protection Scent - Earthy Lore - Spikenard rhizome, with its musky, earthy odor, scented the precious ointment offered to Jesus. Since ancient times, spikenard has been used as a sedative for treatment of the nervous system. It is balancing and deeply calming, lessening feelings of fear, restlessness, and nervousness. Its grounding effect when burned in incense mixtures helps to alleviate mental exertion. In magic it is called the ‘herb of the student.’ Spikenard increases mental clarity, helping to more quickly learn from experiences and to remember details when studying.
St. Johnswort -Hypericum perforatum  Planet - Sun Element - Fire Basic Powers - Divination, health, happiness, love, protection, strength Lore - The name Hypericum is derived from the Greek and means "over an apparition," a reference to the belief that St. Johnswort would cause evil spirits to fly away. Associated with the energies of Midsummer’s eve, it was worn to ward off fevers and colds, to cure meloncholy, or to attract love. According to legend, St. Johnswort placed beneath the pillow allows an unmarried woman to dream of her future husband. A flower remedy for worry and paranoia, St. Johnswort brings protection and guidance. It seals the aura and help brings a sound sleep which allows the release of subconscious fears.
Sunflower Petals - Helianthus annus Planet - Sun Element - Fire Basic Powers - Fertility, health, wisdom, wishes Lore - A native of Peru and Mexico, the sunflower or "Marigold of Peru" was introduced into this country in the 16th century. It was much revered by the Aztecs in their Temples of the Sun. Use sunflower petals as a bathing herb to bring happiness and replace sorrow with joy. Sunflower corresponds to the Sun card of the tarot. Use to consecrate stones which will be used for healing. To know the truth about any matter, sleep with a sunflower under the bed. Sunflower is known as the herb of immortality. It is the patron herb for Leo and Virgo, and is said to attract dragons.
Sweetgrass - Hierochloe odorata  Scent: grassy, vanilla-like. Lore: Sweetgrass, also known as "The Hair of our Mother the Earth," Holy Grass, Seneca Grass, Vanilla Grass, or Zebrovka, has a vanilla- like fragrance. It belongs to the same family as palmarosa, citronella, vetiver, and lemongrass, which are high in essential fragrant oils and provide a very aromatic smoke when burned. Native Americans dry and braid the long grasses and burn them as incense by lighting one end, gently blowing out the flame, and allowing the grass to smolder and slowly release its scent. The three pieces of the braid signify the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Burning sweetgrass attracts positive energies and cleanses the atmosphere. According to Native American tradition, kind and helpful spirits love the fragrance of sweetgrass. It can provide a positive connection between teacher and student and help people within a group become better attuned to one another. Sweetgrass is a fragrance for the soul.
Tarragon -Artemisia dracunulus Planet - Mars Element - Fire Basic Powers - Animals, aphrodisiac, confidence, courage, prevent theft, protection, sensuality. Scent - Firey, spicy, bittersweet Lore - Tarragon is a perennial herb cultivated for the use of its aromatic leaves in seasoning salads and in the preparation of Tarragon vinegar. Called "Little Dragon" or sometimes, "Dragon Mugwort," is was said to cure the bites and stings of venomous beasts and mad dogs. Spiritually, the odor of tarragon stimulates a deeper sense of the true self. It also supports conscious or lucid dreaming, and astral travel.
Thyme - Thymus vulgaris


Planet - Venus  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Clairvoyance, confidence, consecration, courage, divination, love, magic, meditation, money, prevent nightmares, protection. Scent - Bittersweet, herby, fiery. Lore - Ancient Greeks burned thyme in their temples for purification. It is burned as an incense to purge and fumigate magical spaces, and to attract good health. A pillow stuffed with thyme is said to cure nightmares, and a sprig of thyme may be worn at a funeral as protection from the negativity of the mourners. In spring, a cleansing bath with marjoram and thyme may be taken to ensure that all the sorrows and ills of the past are removed. Wearing thyme is said to aid in the development of psychic powers. The scent of thyme may give courage and energy. It can be useful for people who need to share information. Mineral association - Pearls  Essential Oil 
Tilia Flower "Stars"- Tilia europaea


Planet - Jupiter  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Beauty, dreams, good luck, love, rest, sleep, weddings. Lore - Tilia or Linden flowers should be used in old magical recipes which call for "lime flowers." In Europe, Linden trees are considered to be protective, a tree of immortality. Tilia flowers are used in love mixtures. Stuff a pillow with equal parts of tilia and lavender to hasten sleep. Linden blossom oil possesses the scent of hope and is used in grief blends.
Tonka Bean - Dipteryx odorata


Planet - Venus  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Courage, love, money, wishes. Scent - Sweet, warm. Lore - Tonka beans are from a forest tree called "rumara" native to Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana and Nigeria. The elongated, dark brown beans owe their sweet, herblike fragrance to their coumarin content. Finely ground beans may be added to incense mixtures in small amounts for an emotionally warming and harmonizing effect. Aromatic, but toxic and narcotic, tonka beans should never be taken internally. The beans are used in love sachets and are carried to attract love. They are also carried or worn to attract money, bring luck, prevent illness and strengthen courage.
Tragacanth Gum - Astragalus gummifer


Lore - Gum Tragacanth, an exudate of the Astragalus genus of plants of the Leguminosae family, has an ancient history. It was described by Theophrastus several centuries before Christ. The name comes from the Greek tragos (goat) and akantha (horn), and probably refers to the curved shape characteristic of the gum which forms from breaks in the bark of the shrub. Powdered tragacanth is odorless with a white to yellowish white color. It’s ability to swell in water forming a thick paste makes it a useful binder for incense making.
Turmeric Root - Curcuma longa Planet - Moon Element - WaterBasic Powers - Aphrodisiac, purification, protection Lore - Turmeric root is a deep orange tuber from a perennial plant indigenous to Southern Asia. A coloring agent, turmeric is called "Olena" in Hawaii where it has long been employed in magic. A mild aromatic stimulant which is strengthening to the emotions, turmeric evokes passion and is considered to be an aphrodisiac. Scatter the powder about a magic circle for protection.  Essential Oil
Uva Ursi - Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Planet - Saturn  Element - Earth  Basic Powers - Animals, protection, strength. Scent - Autumn leaves, herby, hint of pine. Lore - A religious herb to Native Americans, uva ursi or bearberry is included in pipe-smoking mixtures. Some tribes employed it in the training of shamans in skills of divination and prophecy. Uva ursi is used in magic by those wishing to increase their psychic ability. Add to sachets designed to strengthen psychic powers. Uva ursi is an evergreen shrub with small, tough, shiny leaves found growing in hilly areas of upper midwest North America and Canada.
Vetiver Root- Vetiveria zizanioides Planet - Venus  Element - Earth  Basic Powers - Love, luck, anti-theft. Scent - Woody, sweet, hint of bitter grass. Lore - Vetiver, or khus-khus is used in love powders and incenses, or may be added to the bath water to attract the opposite sex. Place in the cash register to increase business, carry for luck, or burn in incense to protect against theft. Vetiver is grounding to the root chakra. Use on the solar plexus chakra to protect against oversensitivity. Vetiver’s gentle energy is calming when unsettling events effect the spiritual self. A small amount added to an incense mixture produces an earthy-sweet, erotic fragrance. Mineral association - Black Tourmaline.  Essential Oil
Violet, English - Viola odorata Planet - Venus  Element - Water  Basic Powers - Fidelity, gentleness, harmony, healing, love, luck, modesty, peace, protection, serenity, transformation. Scent - Gentle floral. Lore - Violets are fragrant spring flowers. At festivals in antiquity, participants were crowned with violets to protect them from intoxication. In the Middle Ages, the violet signified modest virtuousness and humility. A favorite scent in the Victorian era, violet fragrance is often made synthetically due to its high cost. Sprinkle violets around the corners of the house to attract the blessings of good spirits. Violets possess healing vibrations and are a source of inspiration and good fortune for women. The scent of violet calms lovers’ quarrels. The flower essence is used to develop warmth and faith, bringing increased openness to people who feel lonely in a group.
Wisteria - Wisteria sinensis Planet - Mercury  Element - Air  Basic Powers - Gentleness, inspiration. knowledge, love, psychic development, wisdom. Scent - Strong spicy floral. Lore - Wisterias are beautiful climbing deciduous shrubs with long hanging clusters of deliciously spice-scented flowers. Wisteria is for women who have problems with their femininity and sexuality, and for men who deny the softer and more feminine part of themselves. It relieves fear of intimacy in both men and women. Use as anointing oil for prayer and meditation. Wisteria oil is also an aid to channeling. An herb of scholars and students, wisteria aids in keeping thoughts organized in the pursuit of intellectual development.
Yerba Santa - Eriodyctyon californicum Planet - Saturn  Element - Earth  Basic Powers - Animals, beauty, healing, psychic powers, protection, strength. Scent - Hint of wood, spice and herbs. Lore - Yerba santa is a shrub which grows in the mountain regions of New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico. Considered to be a sacred plant of energy, it is traditionally kept in medicine bags. Native Americans believe that burning the plant neutralizes negative energies which cause illness and that its fragrance creates an atmosphere of healing. It reduces fear and emotional injuries, and helps correct inappropriate behavior which leads to illness. Burned in small amounts to create a warm fragrance, the best way is to combine yerba santa in a mixture with other plants. Yerba santa is used in magic for spiritual strength and to increase psychic powers. It is carried for protection, and added to the bath to attain beauty. The leaves are added to healing incenses, and worn in amulets to ward off illness.
Zedoary - Curcuma zedoaria Planet - Mars  Element - Fire  Basic Powers - Aphrodisiac, confidence, courage, magic, passion, protection, spell-breaking, strength. Scent - Spicy, peppery, fiery. Lore - Zedoary is an ancient spice. It is a close relative to turmeric and native to India and Indonesia. It is a rhizome or underground stem and grows in tropical and subtropical wet forest regions. It is used in magic for protection and purification. In Eastern medicine, Zedoary is valued for its ability to purify the blood.

DISCLAIMER: This table is for information purposes only. Consult with a health care professional before using any herbs, especially during pregnancy.

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